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How can I help serve Area 39?

Where Can I Serve?

Alcoholics Anonymous offers numerous opportunities to serve, including positions within the general service structure at the group, district, and area level.

Group Level

For those new in sobriety, starting to serve in your home group is highly recommended. You can assist with tasks such as making coffee, setting up and taking down chairs for meetings, and greeting people as they arrive. Additionally, each group selects a General Service Representative (G.S.R.), who acts as the group’s voice at district meetings and area assemblies.

District Level

Groups are organized into districts, generally collections of groups located near one another. The GSRs in each district elect the DCM, who becomes part of the area committee.

“Reprinted from (A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Services) with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.”

The Area Assembly acknowledges that the strength of the individual District Committees plays a crucial role in its well-being.

It is suggested that each District in Area 39 have a District Committee whose members normally include:

  • The District Committee Member (DCM) along with one an Alternate DCM.
  • The elected GSR from each Group in the District
  • The Chairpersons of the Standing Committees are responsible for different services.
  • Additional roles as determined by the District.

Attending your district’s business meeting is a great way to find out about available service opportunities.

Area Level

Similar to the district, the area also has standing committees, which play a crucial role in keeping A.A. running smoothly in 39 area.

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