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The Area 39 service portal provides all trusted servants with a password-protected environment for service work.

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2120 S. Ingram Road, #233 Springfield, MO 65804

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2407 James A Farley Station New York, NY 10116-2407



Delegate Debbie H. delegate@wamo-aa.org
Alt. Delegate Greg G. altdelegate@wamo-aa.org
Chair Jon M. chair@wamo-aa.org
Alt. Chair Brian H. altchair@wamo-aa.org
Secretary Cliff P. secretary@wamo-aa.org
Alt. Secretary Trinity M. altsecretary@wamo-aa.org
Treasurer Tony B. treasurer@wamo-aa.org
Alt. Treasurer Joe C. alttreasurer@wamo-aa.org
Archivist Cheri J. archivist@wamo-aa.org
Accessibilities Tim C. accessibilitieschair@wamo-aa.org
Archives Chuck P. archiveschair@wamo-aa.org
Bridge the Gap (BTG) Sherry P. bridgethegapchair@wamo-aa.org
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Emily A. cpcchair@wamo-aa.org
Corrections Bill K. correctionschair@wamo-aa.org
Grapevine / La Vina Patty G. grapevinechair@wamo-aa.org
Institutions Forum – 2024 District 7 institutionsforumchair@wamo-aa.org
Literature Jay M. literaturecahir@wamo-aa.org
Missouri State Convention (MOSC) Rod O. moscchair@wamo-aa.org
Public Information (PI) Barb S. publicinformationchair@wamo-aa.org
Technology Amy K. technologychair@wamo-aa.org
Treatment John T. treatmentchair@wamo-aa.org
WAMO Convention (Colors of Fall) David M. wamoconventionchair@wamo-aa.org


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