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Area 39 Archives Mission Statement

The mission of the Alcoholics Anonymous Area 39 Archives is to document permanently the work of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Western Area of Missouri, to make the history of the organization accessible to A.A. members and other researchers, and to provide a context for understanding A.A.’s progression, principles, and traditions.

A Word About Anonymity  Archives policy on Anonymity

How Can Your Group Help the WAMO Archives The Area Archives is a repository of historical information and photos solely dedicated to preserve the history of Alcoholics Anonymous Area 39, Western Missouri. Please send us your group’s meeting minutes, location pictures, group histories, and long timer stories. Photos sent digitally should include where, when, member’s names and the order from left to right where applicable. Mailed in photos need the same information written in pencil on the back of the photo please. For anonymity purposes please only send photos not showing any faces of members.Still not sure what to send, contact the Area Archivist.

You can update your group’s history by using the Archives Group History Report  Also, a guide for writing your A.A. group history is available: Let Us Not Forget the Past: How to Write an A.A. Group History

All materials sent electronically should be in a .pdf format and can be emailed to the Area Archivist. Hard copies are acceptable and can be delivered by your group’s GSR at the next assembly. You can also mail them to the archives: Area 39 Archives, 311 W 80th Terrace, Kansas City, MO, 64114.

Oral Histories Have some old timers in your group? Want to get to know them better? Want to learn more about their experience in A.A.? Collecting oral histories is a great way to find out so much more about Alcoholics Anonymous and help preserve the fellowship’s history. Use these resources to capture a successful oral history.   Oral History “How To’s”

Scavenger Hunt The Archivist needs your help to locate some some items that are missing from the Area Archives collection. The Scavenger Hunt list

a listing of recordings from Western Area conventions, Institution Weekends, State Conventions, and copies of the Grapevine magazine. Check back often as the list is updated regularly.

What Can the Archives Do for Me? You can learn more about the WAMO Archives by scheduling a visit. Traveling Archives exhibits that are available for workshops, meetings, and conferences. Contact the Archives or email to schedule a visit or to learn about the Archives Traveling Display’s, Presentations and to schedule an Archives Workshop in your district.

Visit! The Area 39 Archives You are invited to come and explore the Area 39 Archives. Take a walk through the history of the Area and groups within Area 39. Due to limited staffing, we ask that you please make an appointment. Please contact the Area Archivist to schedule your visit. (link to Archivist email, The office is located at 311 W 80th Terrace, Kansas City, MO, 64114.

Can’t wait to visit? Check out this Virtual Tour for a sneak peak at just some of the treasures that await you at the archives.

Area Archives Committee The purpose of the Western Area Archives Standing Committee is to develop policies for the collection, restoration, preservation, storage, display and transportation of the Area 39 Archives Archives Guidelines

Area Archivist The Archivist position is an elected position. Archivist serves a five-year term with the current Archivist allowed to stand for two additional consecutive terms of 5 years. Archives Guidelines

District Archivist Chair Each District is encouraged to have a District Archives Chair to maintain and compile your District’s history. The responsibilities should be outlined to meet the needs of each individual District. Here is just a sample of what a district’s guidelines might could include to outline responsibilities of the district archive chair. Sample-District guidelines Contact your DCM for details.

Current Projects

  • Continually converting Paper Documents to Digital
  • Locating Area 39 Letters in Older Grapevines. Find a letter in a Grapevine?  Let the Archivist know.
  • Cataloging the Contents of the Archives
  • Digital Archives: Creating a digital database for you to browse online
  • Oral Histories: Collecting oral histories and making them available online.

Come join us at an Archives workshop! Events will be posted here when they are scheduled.  Schedule your Workshop today!  Contact:  Area Archives Chair

Traveling Archives 2024: Come see some of what the Area 39 Archives has to offer.

  • June 22-23 Area Assembly Sedalia, Mo
  • August 2-4 Missouri State Convention Jefferson City, MO
  • August 17 Many Faces of Grapevine Buffalo, MO
  • September 20-21 Area Assembly Sedalia, MO
  • September 27-29 National Archives Worksop Des Moines, IA
  • October 11-13 SWRAASA Dallas, MO
  • October 25-27 Colors of Fall Western Area Missouri (WAMO) Convention Branson, MO
  • July 3-6 2025 A.A. International Convention, Vancouver, BC.

A Word About Anonymity  Archives policy on Anonymity

Contact Archives

Archivist Cheri J. Area Archivisit

Archives Committee Chair Chuck P. Archives Chair

WAMO Archives Office 311 W 80th Terrace, Kansas City, MO, 64114

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Reference Materials

AA  Archives Workbook – AAWS

AA  Archives Guidelines – Archives Guidelines GSO

Area 39 Archives Guidelines

The A.A. Archives Pamphlet F-47 

More info on Archives from GSO

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